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You already know that non-profit taxes come with their own unique set of guidelines and hoops to jump through. You set out to make a difference in the world, but now your books need some rescuing.

You need a bookkeeper well-versed in non-profits, who can help you navigate reporting to your board and to Uncle Sam. 

Yasso Bookkeeping Solutions has years of experience in the nonprofit financial industry. We know what it takes to be compliant so that you can keep doing your good work.   


YOUR 990.

Nonprofits have a unique set of reporting standards. You will receive a comprehensive review of your current books, compliant tax reporting that is accurate for your 990, and assurance in handing in those reports to your accountant.



Board meetings have never been so easy. From cash flow analysis to donor tracking, we ensure you have all your nonprofit bases covered. Not only are you reporting to Uncle Sam, but also to board members awaiting your financial reports. We pull together your numbers so that your board members actually understand them and support your next steps.

"I run a small non-profit organization.  I was doing the bookkeeping on my own.  While I had some idea about what I was doing early on, as the organization grew, I realized I was really in over my head when it came to setting up and using QuickBooks.


I love working with Martha because I enjoy her personality and I find working with her to be very collaborative.  Martha is scrupulous in her work and work ethic and I have found her to be utterly and completely trustworthy.  She is cognizant of IRS and other important deadlines and helps me stay on track."

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